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EMV-850E Frame Picture
1      Base
The massive meehanite casting with enforce ribs design to minimize cutting vibration and ensure machine's accuracy and reliability.
2      Way Slide
Two choice of slide ways, there are hard rails style (12 scraping points per square inch) or HIWIN high-rigidity linear guide ways on 3 axes yield rapid and accurate cutting capacity which results in an increase in production efficiency.
With automatic lubrication system.
3      Saddle and Column
High rigidity structures casting like base, column, saddle...etc., using high quality cast iron that accomplished with annealing, structure is stable, distortion low, the above conditions ensure long term machining accuracy.
4 rail slide way design which enable saddle travel without draping and can stand heavy load. Wild slide design gives both high rigidity and stability.
4      X/Y/Z Axis
Double supported C3 level ball screws.
Direct-driven servo motors are used for axial movements.
5      Spindle
Big diameter bearing (70mm) provides high rigidity.
NSK spindle angular bearing < 3+2 > supported.
Up to 8000 rpm high spindle speed. < 12,000 rpm for Opt. >
Oil chiller the refrigerated spindle cooling system circulates cooling oil to maintain a constant temperature.
Automatic Tool Changer
The ATC system and all machine functions have been throughtly tested.

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