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  • Machine Characteristic:
  • Linear Scale (Optional):
    • The X, Z-axes are available to be equipped with a linear scale, providing closed loop feedback control.
  • Air Conditioner for Electric Cabinet:
    • The electric cabinet is equipped with an air conditioner to achieve best possible heat dissipation and
      stable working temperature; therefore, the electric components have extended lifetime.
  • Dependable Control Performance:
    • The control circuit consists of quality electronic parts.
    • The control circuit is well-planned for easy maintenance.
    • Dust and coolant-proof.
  • Hydraulic Power Unit:
    • The hydraulic power unit delivers high pressure to two hydraulic cylinders controlling beam elevation.
    • The hydraulic power unit consists of high quality hydraulic parts, providing stable motion control and
      long service life.
  • Oil/ Fluid Separation Device (Optional) :
    • The coolant tank is avaliable to equip with an oil/ fluid separation device that prevents coolant
    deterioration and odor.
  • Oil Level Readout (Opt.)
  • Chip flushing Pump (Opt.). TEL:+886-4-2561-0598
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