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  • Rotary Type Automatic Pallet Changer:
    • One to one synchronized pallet change permits workpiece loading and unloading during machining.
    • The pallet change system will save waiting time for loading and unloading workpieces, achieving 100%
      • machining operation fefficiency.
    • Upon request, customer may order extra pallets.
    • The pallet is positioned on 4 tapered cones for high positioning accuracy.
  • Rotary Table:
    • The rotary table is driven by a servo motor fast and accurate positioning.
    • 1 degree indexing accuracy is standard.
    • 0.001 and 5 degree indexing accuracy are optional.

  • Scissor Type telescopic Guards:
    • The X/Y-axis telescopic guards are designed with scissor-type extension plate.
    • This special design provides more uniform force distribution when telescopic uniform
      • force distribution when telescopic guards are moving.
    • Other benefits are increased motion smoothness, reduced motor load and lower noise.
  • Volumetric Oil Distributor:
    • The machine is equipped with an 8 liter large capacity volumetric oil distributor combined
      • with uniform lubrication points to assure uniformity of slideway lubrication.
    • Permits specific point lubrication for saving oil.
    • Upon request, pressure sensor feedback is available.
  • Extra Powerful Chip Flushing Effect 33% Up:
    • The chip flushing system has 3 flushing areas with 30 nozzles to provide extra powerful flushing effect.
    • With this specially designed chip flushing system, the thermal deformation on workpiece is minimal. TEL:+886-4-2561-0598
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