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  • High Speed Machining! Precisely Built! Compact Construction!
  • ISO30/ ISO25 Built-In Type Spindle (Optional)
    • Choise of 24,000 or 30,000 rpm./ BT30 spindle taper.
  • Precision Ball Screws on 3 Axes:
    • The X, Y, Z-axis movements are driven by high performance servomotors.
    • Ball screws are directly driven by servomotors through couplings to assure high positioning accuracy at all times.
  • Linear Ways on 3 Axes:
    • High precision linear guideways on X/Y/Z axes provide high speed traverses and reduced friction, while improving positioning accuracy.
  • Chip Auger (Optional)
    • The chip auger is designed for removing chips out of the enclosure to save time.
  • 4th/5th Axis Rotary Table (Optional)
    • Easy to operate
    • Economic
    • Occupies less space. TEL:+886-4-2561-0598
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