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  • Heavy Duty Flat Bed Engine Lathe

  • Conventional Engine System
  • Flat bed is one-piece constructed.
  • Rigid Spindle Head
    • The spindle is 3-point supported for outstanding stability during heavy cutting.
    • The gears in the spindle head are manufactured from Cr-Mo alloy steel. thru hardened and precision ground for quiet running.
    • 18-steps speeds. Spindle speed range 5~620 rpm.
    • Employs pump to deliver oil for lubricating the interior of the spindle head.
  • 4-jaws independent chuck
    • Both CNC lathe and Heavy duty precision lathe are available to be used.
  • Faceplate
    • The faceplate is used to hold unusual shaped workpiece that can not be chucked or held between centers.
    • Standard faceplate diameter is dia. 36". Maximum diameter of faceplate is up to dia. 55".(optional)
  • Steady Reast
    • Standard clamping capacity of the steady rest is dia. 600mm. Other clamping capacity is available upon request.
    • The steady rest supports long work piece during turning, boring or threading operations.
  • Roller type work piece bracker (Optional)
    • Used for supporting extra long workpiece.
    • The screws at both ends of the roller bracket are adjustable to suit various diameters of workpiece. TEL:+886-4-2561-0598
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