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We have consider all the turning applications you might use: Wide range of options available for your choice!

YMC model Servo Driven Turret (Opt.)
High resolution encoder for Cs axis -MC model (Opt.)
Renshaw auto tool setting system (Opt.)

We offer a wide range of options to suit different turning application. The bar feeder interface to connect the machine to a bar feeder together with a parts catcher is very excellent example for bar working.

The tool setting system from Renishaw provides easy set up process and ensures ultmost accuracy. For short working cycle applications we also offer automatic door for production efficiency.

3-jaw hydraulic chuck Soft jaw
Hydraulic system Chip conveyor < from back or side > & bucket
Hydraulic tailstock Foot switch for chuck clamp
Live center MPG hand wheel
Coolant system Operation & maintenance manual
Morse taper sleeve Hand tool box
Auto lubrication system Leveling pads
Work light equipment Tool holders
Heat exchanger Leveling kit
Auto bar feeder Programmable tallstock(Servo Driven)
Parts catcher Programmable tailstock(Slide Carried)
Tool setting system Transformer
C-axis or Y+C-axis CE mark
VDI turret(w/o tool holder) Bar feeder interface
VDI tool holder Additional tool holders and sleeves
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