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       Hydraulic Tailstock (Optional)
  • The quill movement is actuated by hydraulic power for convenient adjustment.
  • The entire tailstock is manually moved and fastened securely, providing firm clamping for long workpieces.
       8-position Hydraulic Turret (Model USK-106T)
       The turret model is equipped with 8-position hydraulic turret.
       Servo turret is optional, providing added convenience of option and high precision
        machining capability.
       3 Blocks on Z-axis Linear Way
       The Z-axis slideways are mounted with preci sion linear ways with great span
       between linear ways and combined with exceptional high cutting stability.
       Gang Type Tooling System (Model USK-106L)
  • The gang type tooling system accommodates I.D. and O.D. tools.
  • I.D. tool shank size is Ø20mm.
  • Standard equipment includes 5 sets of tool holders.
  • The tool slide is equipped with multiple coolant nozzles that directly flush coolant on the cutting point. This feature will increase tool life and improve surface finish of cut. TEL:+886-4-2561-0598
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